Kariella Dagarkin



Goes by ‘Kari.’ She is a young dwarf of the age of 50, and wears her long hair in three auburn braids– two that fall over her shoulders and one that falls over her back. Ordinarily, she wears an old green cloak, but has since replaced it with a black and gold cloak of elvenkind. Kari fights with a Flaming Crossbow and Rapier. Kari is optimistic and friendly but diffident and somewhat greedy. Kari is scared of the undead.


Kari is the seventh child born to the Dagarkin family; her clan is descended from her great-grandfather Dagarkin who was also a rogue. Her father is a merchant and her mother is a baker, her siblings are more varied. Kari grew up in the mountainous settlement of Hammerfast, yet has seen much of the area around it as well– she would often join her father on his trips.

Kariella Dagarkin

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